Well, I was planning to save this for when the demo was released, but it doesn’t matter. I was told about a video that my brother made today featuring the previously unannounced game – it doesn’t even have a name yet. That game was the same one that’s been on the In Development table on the game page for a while now (other than Project Nightfall, that is). So the cat’s out of the bag – what is this new game?

The video that my brother made – calling it a teaser trailer would suffice – was a final project for one of his classes, and it’s kind of thrilling for me to see this for the first time. It’s also served to help me see what my partners – yes, both my brother and the friend of his featured in this video are collaborators – see this project being, so I’ll be slightly altering my conception of the game to closer match it.

(The video does not contain any actual gameplay, but it does contain graphics to be used)

Meet Jack, a young boy from the Industrial Revolution… Ah, I won’t do that. Even we don’t know the full story yet. *shrug*

The game was originally started in early September and was meant to be finished in about two weeks… heh. My goal is to finish level design and other key mechanics (save system and menus) during winter break. And then we’ll get the art together, and we’ll outfit it with the Newgrounds API (medals and scoreboards).

A demo should be released soon-ish to get feedback. Since me and my brother are both in the same place for break, we should be able to take care of the critical issues between now and a demo release.