Hello! It’s the end of the world and I feel fine!

This past week I’ve done a few updates of varying size and importance. The most immediately noticeable is the front page. Gone is the ‘this page is under construction’ text, and in it’s place is my Twitter feed. This may or may not stay. I still don’t think I’m happy with the front page, so it might change yet again.

Next up is the removal of Paedae from The Outsider. I added the service to the game a while ago, as detailed here. Ultimately, I have come to the conclusion that it is simply not worth using unless you have a high-traffic site. Which this site is not. Two and a half months have gone by, and we have a whopping $0.07. So The Outsider now uses regular old NG ads – which we can also use on NG as opposed to Paedae.

Newgrounds recently added playlists to their site. Today I made one for the First Fantasy soundtrack – find it here. I also linked the FF page to it.

Finally, I have shared the complete When The Crickets Cry Episode 1 script. WTCC, a visual novel series inspired by When They Cry, was sadly canceled a while back, but I’m just now making good on my promise to share some stuff from development. On the WTCC page, you can find the link to the first episode, very nearly in a state of completion. It’s around 50 pages of writing, I believe. More might come soon.