Peter Tefft Saves The World is now a ‘coming soon’ game. Long story short, I lost a bet, and now I have to make a game for someone’s amusement 😛 Look for that in the coming months.

Jack’s Run is currently undergoing a engine rewrite for performance reasons. As the levels are getting bigger, the CPU load is getting tougher to deal with, but I (think I) have a solution.

Project Nightfall has been removed from the ‘Coming Soon’ list of games. The game has existed for more than a year and has not been worked on since the summer for various reasons.

In place of that, I had a cool new idea for a game that I want to do after Jack’s Run and PTSTW to replace that. It’ll be nowhere near as involved, but will still be satisfying for me to work on (it’s somewhat of a RPG, but not really a conventional one). Details should come hopefully within the next few months if I decide that this is a good and feasible idea.

Also… I got a Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet for Christmas. I’m learning how to draw with some of my spare time which I do not have. So… maybe someday, I’ll be doing art for my games too. And I might share some random drawings here if I feel the need to.