I’m proud to release Peter Tefft Saves The World, the first game made since this website was built. I hope you like it – I think it’s pretty neat for something made in only two weeks. It’s also my tenth finished game (the tenth being Vuvuzela Hero, which is not listed on the site as of now). That number is not really meaningful, because some of the tutorials I’ve made can be considered games themselves.

Anyway, the game features 10 small but increasingly tricky enemy waves. Destroying every enemy in a given wave will multiply your score by 1.25, and it can really add up, separating the boys from the men! Hopefully that will keep you coming back for more.

The game is small and not up to the level of polish I would have it be at – making a GOOD game was never part of the bet – but I may very well revisit this game in the distant future, adding additional waves and making it a generally longer and more robust game.

This is a cautionary tale – never accept a bet from Peter Tefft. Ever.

Now my focus is back to Jack’s Run. I want that to come out sometime before summer, and will ensure it does so, or my name isn’t Lord Stannis Baratheon, Rightful Heir to the Iron Throne.