This past weekend I organized the Columbus location for the Global Game Jam 2013. Again, it was fun to do so, even if attendance wasn’t quite as hot as last year. One of the things I want to brag about (even though I had next to nothing to do with it) is the fact that one of the teams from another location made a Global Game Jam Simulator game. The second time through, I realized that the random list of names and locations were in fact the actual list of names and locations from GGJ13! Which means that if you reroll enough times, you can actually play as me! Pretty cool.

GameJam.fwThose stats are pretty accurate, by the way.

You can play the game here:

Also, I have added a new Extras section to the site. So far, two things belong to it: the Ruby/Sapphire Trendy Phrase generator I made a while back, and a new OSU Dining Map I just made (and still intend to develop further).