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Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru is the second half of the Umineko no Naku Koro ni visual novels (Episodes 5 – 8). It was a tough time narrowing down the list of songs I wanted to share, so I’m splitting this post into two – this post with seven songs, the next post with eight. This first part covers episodes 5 and 6, which are End of the Golden Witch and Dawn of the Golden Witch respectively. I also tried to write descriptions, but I couldn’t really effectively do so without spoilers, so forgive me if the descriptions are vague. Read the previous post for background info on the Umineko series.

Hikari (End Of The Golden Witch)

I don’t remember this song in EP5, but I do know it from EP6 where one of the antagonists thinks she’s won. I attempted to make a solemn piano cover of this one for the canceled tribute When The Crickets Cry, to be used in EP 4 when the main character finds out who he suspected as a murderer turns out to be pretty much the exact opposite – a lover.

Kina no Kaori (Dawn Of The Golden Witch)

Some rather eccentric people appear and start to tease everyone, even themselves. Yet, they hold some of the greatest answers to the Rokkenjima mystery.

Pathway (Dawn Of The Golden Witch)

Battle music.

Life (Dawn Of The Golden Witch)

More epic piano – this is a showdown between two main characters who love each other. One will live on, but the other will be completely denied. The scene is also a metaphor for a huge hint to the mystery in general.

Rebirth (Dawn Of The Golden Witch)

Battle music again. Note that this shares the melody with ‘Thanks For Being Born’ from EP 4 (shared in the first post). That song is kind of like an overarching theme for this episode.

Birth Of New Witch (Dawn Of The Golden Witch)

The climax of EP 6. An antagonist is reborn, and she actually helps save the day.

Thanks For All People (Dawn Of The Golden Witch)

A piano piece that ends EP 6. Suddenly, there’s a glimpse of hope for a happy ending to this story after all.