With the introduction of medal stat pages on Newgrounds yesterday, I thought it’d be interesting to go back and look at who has which medals.

SPOILER ALERT: This post tells you how to get secret medals. Tread carefully if you wish to get these on your own without help.

Mechanical Ice Apocalypse:

(At time of writing, MIA has 153,954 view. Medals were added a couple days after launch.)

Lazors (Get killed by lasers): 17,234 poor souls
tldr (Skip the story before it’s done): 5,837 people that, yeah, probably only did this for the achievement.
Story (Listen to the entire intro story): 3,749 informed citizens
Suicidal (Die 10 times): 3,696 losers
Villain (SECRET MEDAL, Find out who the true enemy is by getting the robot down to a certain amount of health): 3,086 surprised players
Showoff (Submit a high score to the leaderboards): 647 challengers
Winrar (Avert the Mechanical Ice Apocalypse): 563 victorious players
Patience (Watch the entire credits scene): 553 victorious players with reasonably good attention spans
Bronze (Finish under 3:20): 490 good players
Silver (Finish under 2:50): 352 great players
Ninja (Last for four minutes without shooting): 223 deft dodgers
Gold (Finish under 2:20): 189 fantastic players

Notes: While Villain is a secret medal, this is not because we wanted the achievement to be a secret so much as the picture of the achievement, which shows the villain.

Fish Simulator X: 

(At time of writing, FSX has 6,430 views. Medals were added at launch. I think.)

Not-Very-Good-At-Dying Fish (Survive for two weeks): 7 survivors
Distracted Fish
 (Let no bubble reach the top of the tank for a week): 6 people with ADD
Well-fed Fish (Hoard all the food for a week): 6 fatsos
Ultimate Fish (SECRET MEDAL, Complete all three challenges and access the reward for doing so): 4 cool people

Comments: The reason why the player count is so low is because the game was made for Ludum Dare 23, and rather low-scoring. The Distracted Fish achievement is a rather interesting challenge, in my opinion.

First Fantasy:

(At time of writing, FF has 31,122 views. Medals were added after launch)

First Blood (Survive first battle): 2,368 newcomers
Climactic Battle (Defeat boss at end of Chapter 2): 743 truth-seekers
The End (Beat the game): 355 cool people
Eternal Friendship (SECRET MEDAL, Have a great relationship with Haruka and beat the game): 127 suckups
The Completionist (Beat the game four times): 61 crazy people
Eternal Enemies (SECRET MEDAL, Have a crappy relationship with Haruka and beat the game): 39 h8ers
Now You’re Just Showing Off (SECRET MEDAL, Defeat the Giant Floating Head secret boss which is much harder than the main game): 33 people who need to get a life

Comments: I’m not really surprised at the disparity between Eternal Friendship and Eternal Enemies. Eternal Enemies had a ‘glitch’ in the early days that made it impossible to get without knowledge of a certain secret mechanic. At an inn, you would need to pay for both Ryou and Haruka normally, but if you have enough for only one of them (so at least half the money you would normally need, but less than all of it), you get the secret option of being a huge jerk to Haruka by getting a room only for yourself. This would, of course, make her mad at you. Also, this is the only relationship stat modifier that could be done repeatedly.


The requirements for the medal have since been fixed. The secret mechanic is still there, but you don’t need to have any knowledge of it. You do, however, need to upset Haruka at pretty much every other possible opportunity.


(At time of writing, SF+ has 5,550 views. Medals at launch)

Decentdiver (Get a score of 2,000): 360 good players
Divingdestroyer (Smash two platforms): 226 smashers
Longleaper (Get a score of 4,000): 161 great players
Friendlyfaller (Wave hello to six parachuters on the way down): 141 friendly players
Powerplunger (Grab 4 powerups): 90 power players
Accomplishedaccelerator (Get a score of 7,250): 65 people who are probably in for a world of pain soon

Notes: This is a fun little minigame. Notice how this game has less views than Fish Simulator X, but a lot more in the way of medal collection.

And… that’s it. If you’re interested in a few more details for each medal, you can click on each medal name to see the six who unlocked them first, and the 21 who unlocked them most recently.