So sometimes I’m compelled to draw comics for games. Especially with Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, it seemed like there were many things to make fun of in there, and you can probably say the same thing for most story-driven RPGs. I release these one by one on Facebook, and when the series is done, I’ll post them here. I’m currently working on Persona 3.

It looks like MS Paint, but no! It’s Adobe Fireworks. Not that it makes a difference… anyway, here are 13 comics for the games. Some of them are funnier than others (I like The Day The Music Died the best), but one of them is actually useful if you’re a Join Avenue fan.

There are minor spoilers, but no big whammies here. Not that Pokemon really has them…

TWRAY 1.fw
Because in Black 2/White 2, the world totally does revolve around you.

TWRAY 2.fw
They just don’t make props like they used to.
TWRAY 3.fw
You actually get to answer this question in the game. And of course, there is only one real answer.
TWRAY 4.fw
The greatest threat to Pokemon trainers in Unova doesn’t come from Team Plasma. Instead, it comes from the gyms.
TWRAY 5.fw
…just to clarify, the lost boys and shady men are not being found at the same time. That would potentially be dangerous.
TWRAY 6.fw
…I have much less to say.
TWRAY 7.fw
I guess you can say Wailord *puts on sunglasses* totally killed the competition.
TWRAY 8.fw
Yes. They did that. Team Plasma retreated right in front of a Pokemon Center.
TWRAY 9.fw
Brycen: Yeah, I quit leading the Icirrus gym to be an actor. Because if there’s one thing that teaches people that humans and Pokemon can live together, it’s by being a villain in a superhero movie. Well, it makes sense to me.
TWRAY 10.fw
Join Avenue customers are notoriously picky.
TWRAY 11.fw
“No, really!.. wait, did you both run into some Zubat or something?”
TWRAY 12.fw
Let’s review:
Red/Blue: Get Master Ball from Silph as a thank-you for saving the company
Gold/Silver: Given as a gift after conquering Indigo Plateau
Ruby/Sapphire: Steal from enemy hideout
Diamond/Pearl: Defeat the enemy leader
Black/White: Given as a gift after conquering the Unova League
Black 2/White 2: Randomly meet Juniper for the first time.
…yet another Nimbasa City comic. Get the feeling it’s the worst city in the game yet?