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So… time for one of THESE. At the time of writing of last month’s post, I had bought a manga drawing book (figured I couldn’t go wrong with The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Drawing Manga). So instead of last time, where I either just doodled and/or studied actual anime and manga, I’ve been working on following the book very thoroughly. I’m not going to post everything I’ve done, just the better things. Also, the focus so far has been on figure drawing instead of complete characters. While the authors of the book have taken most of these figures to completion, I have stopped at the figures because a) I am still awful at faces and hands, b) There are chapters that specifically focus on those later on, and c) I can always go back and complete them if I want to, or I can complete the 15+ characters that are yet to come (I’ll probably be mostly satisfied with the latter).

Chapter 1 is an introduction to manga and features little in the way of drawing (you know, for the complete idiots).

Chapter 2 is an introduction to figure drawing. Much of what I drew here had slightly awkward proportions.



The bad proportions are especially noticeable in the second picture.

Chapter 3 focused on a variety of standard male figures.


Athletic Male


Male Child

Chapter 4, as you might have guessed, focuses on a variety of standard female figures.

WP_000358Teen Female

All the figures in chapter 3 and 4 are taken to completion, but as I said before, I didn’t go that far for various reasons. I tried to do one in chapter 3, but the face just looked kinda awful, so I’ll wait until later chapters when that is actually a focus.

At the end of each chapter (in this case, chapters 3 and 4 since they were so similar), I also have been doing a ‘test’ drawing, one where the goal is to have as little reference to the book and previous drawings as possible, basically to see if any of this is sinking in.


I focused more on figure than body type.

Chapter 5 focuses on action poses. I am currently in the middle of this chapter.


This actually turned out extremely well, but I wonder just how well that would have been without constant reference from the book…

After Chapter 5, the next few chapters focus on ‘problem areas’, such as eyes, faces, hair, and hands. Then, the next few chapters after that are about actual characters (separated into chapters focusing on heroes, villains, sidekicks, etc.). The remaining chapters focus on techniques and other things that aren’t characters (backgrounds, manga drawing in general). Since I’m primarily interested in drawing characters, I’m not sure I’ll go this far, but that’s a long ways away… a very long ways away, I suspect…