Music To My Ears posts chronicle a sampling of the great music of a particular series, franchise, etc. Posts tend to be skewed towards videogames, but can cover anything with a great soundtrack behind it (TV shows, anime, movies, etc.). If you have a music track from the series discussed that you like, comment and it may be added to this post!

One of the things I have routinely annoyed my Facebook and Twitter friends/followers with lately is the meme that is ‘Quad City DJs vs. X’. The meme consists of a mashup of the theme from the movie Space Jam with… pretty much anything else that works, yielding awesome and/or hilarious results. They are also accompanied by photoshopped pictures of the crossover with everyone’s face replaced by Charles Barkley, as you will see below. I have here ten good slams, including some my friends shared with me.

…vs. Ichiro Shimakura (Pokemon TCG)

The best battle theme for children’s card games you will ever hear. I am playing this mix of the normal battle theme at the next OSU Pokemon League meeting (which may not be for months). No excuses.

…vs. Spongebob Squarepants

One of the easiest ways to ensure optimal slamming is to use a song as upbeat as Space Jam. And that’s what happens here. Space Jam is mashed with the electronic jellyfish dance from one of the earlier episodes of the show.

…vs. Motoi Sakuraba (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

The two songs, already cool in their own right, fuse together and become greater than the sum of their parts. SOMEONE WILL NOT SURVIVE this mix of the Final Destination theme.

…vs. Wayne Sharpe (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Hey. Two revered themes from our youth. What can go wrong? Nothing.

…vs. Smash Orchestra (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

The music isn’t the best, but props have to go out for the effort given for video editing for the Melee Theme.

…vs. Smash Orchestra (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

Another SSB song?! Perhaps orchestra just works well with Space Jam. Indeed, the two songs (Space Jam and the Melee Menu Theme) help to make something epic.

…vs. Shoji Meguro (Persona 3)

Even though I’m not at this part of the game yet (getting there!), I absolutely love Battle For Everyone’s Souls. Slammed? I’ll take it!

…vs. Shoji Meguro (Persona 3)

Also from Persona 3, we have this mix of Mass Destruction. Extra points for the part beginning at 1:24.

…vs. Pokemon Colosseum

Miror B.! The oddest Pokemon battle theme gets an equally odd treatment!

…vs. Scatman

I just discovered this one last night, and it is among the best (if not THE best) slams I have ever experienced. This magical mash-up should put a smile on your face – what’s not to like here?

BONUS: …vs. Koori-Kun (First Fantasy)

I just HAD to try my hand at this too, so I chose Koori-Kun’s Battle Theme II from my own game First Fantasy.