I’ve just begun my last(?)(!) semester of college, and things are about to become hectic (as if they weren’t already). God seems to be acclimating me to additional stress by giving me a cold for the first few days of classes. Meh. Anyway, don’t expect a lot of things here in the meantime. Here’s what I have done lately, though:

– Even more Space Jam mixes up. You may notice that the newest one doesn’t have a video attached to it, yet. I’m currently working on going above and beyond for The Everlasting Guilty Dunk, and *hopefully* the results for that will be coming next week.

– The new version of the Visual Novel Engine has stagnated, but not because of any problem, it’s just because everything started getting busy. Actually, there’s pretty much only debugging left, so yeah. I should be able to pick it up easily again when the time comes.

– The OSU Dining Map has been updated for Autumn semester. No new features this time, but I still have at least one that I’d like to do someday.

– A new game has popped up on the Games page. Well, a confirmation of one at any rate. One of my classes is basically a giant project where you create a game with a group over the course of the semester. We’ve got the basic concepts, but little else. As more details come, I’ll update the listing. Pretty much the only thing I can confirm now is it will be a game in 3D and, with any luck, be the pinnacle of any game I’ve worked on thus far.

– Lastly, the main page of the site now shows the latest site update (not including blog posts unless they’re really important).

I believe that’s it… besides the thing related to The Everlasting Guilty Dunk, it’s going to be relatively quiet around here for a while. But hopefully not TOO quiet… we’ll see.