You might have noticed the site’s main page being a tad different – there’s now a login box at the top! This is part of something big that’s going on behind the scenes here, called b-Link because I stink at names. Simply put, the redesign of the site will also include b-Link at its core. While you can only really register and log in with b-Link right now (nothing else), it will eventually expand to include integration with games and other applications such as a planned chatroom application. I’m really excited about the possibilities this can bring.

One fair question is ‘why show this off NOW?’. After all, you can’t really do much with it. First off, this is a portfolio site, so I can prove to people who check this site out that I can do that kind of thing. Also, I can catch potential problems early. There are a few things I want to change before I go further in, which should arrive soon.

Note that the register page shows off a new layout to go better with the new main page, which is subject to change before it hits the rest of the site.

Right now you can only log in through the index page and the registration page, but it will roll out onto other pages with the new layout.