I have two pieces of info to share regarding the OSU Dining Map tool on my website:

1) Despite having graduated from college, I still will update the dining map for the forseeable future. I do think it’s a great tool to have. In trying to fulfill this commitment, I am proud to announce that Spring 2014 dining hours are now up on the app.

2) BECAUSE I’ve graduated from college, I now have to pay to maintain the Windows 8 OSU Dining Map App on the Windows Store. At this time, I judge the registration fee to be a waste of money considering the one app is the only thing I am using it for right now. As far as I understand it, the app will remain usable and redownloadable to everyone who gets it before February 3rd, but at that time everyone else is out of luck. I WILL also update the app with hours for upcoming semesters the same as I would the web version, so no worries there.