Today I uploaded my TWENTIETH Space Jam mix (excluding the extended and secret tracks). It has proven to be a rather interesting hobby.

Anyway, the real for this post is the new media player on the Space Jam mixes page. Well, it’s actually been there for maybe two or three weeks.

The player uses the nice SoundJS library and allows you to scroll through the songs, with associated ‘album art’ for each song so you can easily tell which song is which. This is an improvement over the old system, which you could only see one song at a time – the one you were currently on. Plus links to YouTube (if applicable) and audio are still there for each song.

On another note, I have landed myself a job. It turns out that not much will change for now – I am working at the same company I have been for the past two years, but now I’m a proper full-time employee. I’ll refrain from saying any more until the contract is finalized, but there may be a bit of good news for this website that comes along with it. I should be able to discuss that this week.