…there’s something new here.

Not much, though. I added Unity Squares to the tutorials section. So at this point, I have the Squares game in four different languages. Source code is available for all of them, which makes a nice way to compare and contrast. Unity may be the most complicated (and it probably wouldn’t have been that way if I did it in Javascript instead of C#, but I already did HTML5, so duty called for C#), but it also runs the smoothest.


What brought this on in the first place was my desire to try out how Unity fares in 2D now with their new tools. I by no means used them all, but if Unity works half as well as it does in 3D than 2D, then that’s still a good thing. I came to the decision to halt the game that I’ve been secretly making in Flash and take it to another language instead. Unity, of course, was a prime candidate, and while C# is questionable for me, I think Javascript is viable. I still need to investigate some things, though, before I commit.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Space Jam mashups continue to come (although slower than they used to). At present, there are 41 up on the website, with a 42nd I posted to YouTube and still have to put up here. The 42nd, by the way, was posted on the first anniversary of my very first mashup!

And now, the reason why I haven’t been doing much of anything here. After one and a half years, I’m trying to get myself off of my anxiety medication. This is not a fast process, although I’m beginning to approach the end of it (today is my first day on 10mg of buspirone compared to the 35mg I started with. And from here, if I’m feeling good in two/three weeks I can just drop the rest of it!). I’ve been taking it easy, but still every so often (usually corresponding with taking a step down), I get hit with a wave of horribleness. And then I DEFINITELY take it easy. I’m very lucky that I have the part-time job and support I have. And then there are things like b-Link that I stopped simply because I got a job and therefore don’t really need to show off much anymore 😛