There are a couple Space Jam mashups that I have on the mashup page that are secret. These secrets are alternate versions of other songs in the library. Until now, these secrets have not been revealed publicly. One of them kind of had a hint based on how you unlocked the alternate song in the source material (if you were knowledgeable about DDR X), but the other one didn’t really have any hint.

So, here we go:

To unlock Slamkiss Dunk -jordan side-, a Japanese-language alternate of -Barkley side-, type in ‘dunks’ on the player page (this comes from the unlock method in DDR X, where Sunkiss Drop had two versions. To play the secret -jun side-, you had to search for songs that started with D, R, O, P, and S in that order, and then select Sunkiss Drop). In the old player I also had it set up so you could unlock it through chance (like a 5% chance playing -Barkley side-), also mirroring DDR X’s chance unlock.

To unlock The Clear Blue Slam -original-, a Japanese-language alternate of The Clear Blue Slam, type in ‘skies’ the same way as above.

The new songs will be added to the right end of the song lineup. You will have to unlock them again if you leave the page. For now.