Yeah, it’s been a while. Time to write here again.

First off, in the real world, I’ve now been at my new apartment for a couple of months now. I’ve been continuing to work, and get used to my new life providing (mostly) for myself. I question who I’ve become every time I compare brand prices at the supermarket, looking for the lowest prices and barely accepting anything more than that 😛

There have also been a few things going on that I’ve done online too, although for the most part I’ve been quiet about them. Here’s they are:

I BELIEVE I am now a Windows Store developer again. They recently switched from a yearly fee to a one-time fee. I think I am now able to publish again, despite not actually having paid anything (I was signed up as a student before, which gave me access back then). I have not tested this yet. But since I still have the OSU Dining Map running, I want to get the app back on track soon.

I KNOW I am now a Chrome App Store developer. That only costs $5, so it was quite cheap. I made a Chrome extension for Newgrounds that assists in filtering out explicit content that you don’t mean to view.

It went to v1.00 about a week ago, and I made a few adjustments, additions, and bug fixes since. I haven’t made a big deal out of it yet because I want to be sure it works as good as possible first before I advertise it too much on NG.

After this, my next personal project is to try to make something that can sell. Not sure what will be yet, and while I like the idea I have (an extension to manage website passwords), I’m not sure it will be well-received (why trust my extension enough to buy it?).

My YouTube channel, which I’ll probably start linking to from the site, has taken off exponentially in the past few months. I have done numerous videos about Phantasy Star Online 2, my new favorite game by a long shot. Last weekend I got the hang of YouTube livestreaming, and began to do that too (today I did a livestream on Half Minute Hero 2, so it’s not completely PSO2 stuff). Here’s my channel: If you subscribe, you should be able to see when I’m livestreaming, so you can catch it. Not completely sure how that works, honestly.

I also recently published my 50th Space Jam Mashup song, the Slowpoke Slam. I’ll make sure the website’s mashup page is up to date… eventually.

Can’t really think of anything else for right now, so I guess that’s it 😛 Still have more planned. Stay tuned…