In an occurrence that hasn’t happened in many months, I’ve worked on the website. Specifically, the main page. I’ve redesigned it to be a much better show of my skills. The new webpage somewhat resembles the old one, but the most important thing (which is also the thing you’ll probably never realize unless you read this) is that the page transforms based on screen size. Yep, it’s responsive. While not ‘properly’ done, so to speak (wish I remembered the whole grid concept from the beginning), it works pretty well on many different screen sizes, including my phone. It ALSO has a fallback unlike the previous main page, so if you’re still using, say, IE 8 (and if you are, please update, the entire web developer world hates your guts), the page degrades so you see a still image background instead of the void of a non-working page. So you still get something that looks pretty good, except without the animation.

I also want to do a redesign of other pages as well. I cannot say yet if they will be as robustly supported as the new main page, though. It’ll take time either way.

Also, the b-Link login is gone. While I do have plans for it, I obviously haven’t done too much concerning it so far. You can still use the Pokehub with it, and get a b-Link account from that page (in the Other section). Also, I need to add the VN engine to the Other section, and I will do that soon.