Hey, it’s been nearly two months since my last blog post, so I’m overdue for one. I have definitely been working on stuff, but I have been busier than ever (I took a trip to the Philippines the second half of January which you might hear more about, I’ve also been angling for a full-time job which I am going to start very soon, and some personal issues I’m not ready to put out into the open because it’s still a stressful, rapidly changing situation). I do want to do a few blog posts (about the trip, about the two website-material things I’ve been working on, and some other things). But, you know, I haven’t been too active on the blog, so who knows when those things will come.

One thing for now: Yeah, the OSU Dining Map has kinda fallen through now. Trying to remake two apps while maintaining a third is… well, I think I have more important things to do. Branching the map out into apps, while a great experience for me, kinda doomed the project by multiplying the work (and yes, trying to unify the three systems so they would be easier to manage was my goal, but that’s still a lot of work). Sorry about that. If it’s any consolation, the restaurant hours from Fall semester barely changed for Winter/Spring.