This is the first post of a new era for my website. I have done away with my web host, and have brought in the posts from my previous blogs, the one from and the one from Only remains as a website, the site you’re at right now. But the old posts remain, except for maybe a few that aren’t relevant/potentially of historical value anymore. And I’ve updated some of the more timeless posts like the Anxiety 101 series and that post of long distance relationship tips. Both of which to address how much of a fool I was in the past 😉

I also did general housekeeping and maintenance like adding featured images to all posts, addressing invalid links (which is a major project, so that will take longer), and stuff like that.

I will have three main categories going forward. Development will be for content that typically would have gone in before, that is, programming related stuff. I will be uploading posts for my older games (which used to inhabit full pages) that will go here.

The second: Road to Damascus. Anything previously on, which was a site for talking about Christianity, with a focus towards apologetics and general introduction-type stuff.

The third is Back of My Mind. I see this being the main category from here on out. I intend to post semi-frequently about several topics. Perhaps current events, interests, my thoughts about things, etc.

The above could change as I settle into a new understanding about what this blog will actually be and how I’ll be using it. But for now, welcome! I’m glad your here, and hope you can find something of some value.