Type: Game
Tech: Flash AS3
Release date: April 22, 2012 (for Ludum Dare 23)
Game links: Newgrounds (play online with achievements and leaderboards) and Ludum Dare (download and play offline)
Audio: ‘Your Fishy Doom‘: Original BGM for game
Your Violent Fishy Doom‘: Second BGM track for game, NG-only, see below
The Fish That Came Before‘: Leaderboard screen, NG-only

Game description: You are a tiny yellow fish, taken to a new home. Unfortunately, whether intentional or not, you have a whole lot to deal with if you want to survive. Race for food, and avoid the nets and other fish! And… ooh, bubbles!

Backstory and fun facts: Ludum Dare is a well-known game jam. A game jam is when you try to make a game in a small amount of time. In this instance, it was by myself for 48 hours. So everything in this game was done by me, INCLUDING the art and music! The Newgrounds-specific features like achievements and leaderboards were added after the initial 48 hour period.
I remember having trouble with the enemy AI, which led to a rather primitive chasing of the player fish and not a wholly fun experience, but the game got relatively high marks in the humor and audio(!) categories.
Based on a joke (as far as I remember), I had plans after the initial 48 hour period to add a rather violent mode where a chainsaw-wielding goldfish got revenge on the other fish, but this didn’t pan out, also because of the enemy AI shortcomings. The audio for this mode was finished, though, and was later shoved into the main mode on Newgrounds to play after the initial song finishes.