I’ve been looking over a lot of old stuff while moving to this new website, going over posts as far back as 2012.

The things that I expected to find were there: I was pessimistic and at least in some ways immature. The pessimism has, thankfully, been tempered over the past decade, and I do have God to thank for that. The immaturity, although some of it was simply being eight years younger at the time (I’m sure many people look at themselves eight years ago and see things they wouldn’t have done), was also kind of selfish.

Case in point for both: after updating my post on LDR relationships that I originally wrote not too long after my failed first relationship, I saw a substantially different me. Or at least a side of me that I thank God started to be corrected. I now attribute a substantially higher percentage of the responsibility for the failure of that relationship to my own selfishness and naivete. And of course, I now have a second, successful LDR experience to draw upon 🙂

I also updated bits and pieces of the Anxiety 101 posts. I think I was trying to act as an authority on that stuff before I should have. It was a slow, steady climb to where I am now anxiety-wise (basically not an unusual problem for me anymore), but back then, while I did have some good tips, I was trying to act more of an authority than I was.

As for games, I got a chuckle out of seeing the ratings for my 8-year old stuff on Newgrounds. It seems that some stuff has shifted significantly: First Fantasy, my own ‘flagship’ game, is now 3.69/5 rather than the 4.23/5 at the height of its release. Oddly enough, it is now below a previous version with less features – that one sits at 4.19.

Fish Simulator X, a game built entirely in a weekend, is now 0.93/5. I think it had at least a 2 back in the day. The Outsider is a big winner, sitting at 4.55/5. But the biggest surprise is a utility for generating tournament brackets that I made. I don’t even think I shared that one on my old website because I didn’t think it was that notable, but it sits at 4.65/5, the highest rated thing I have.

Of course, all these things are so old that I don’t care about the ratings anymore. But it’s interesting to find out how they’re doing after all this time, and to wonder what people see in that tournament app.

I’ll be doing individual posts for all of these old games soon, as I’m able to. I’ll also do more posts like this where I just randomly talk about things on my mind.

Eight years… time flies, eh?