Type: Game
Tech: Flash AS3
Release date: February 20, 2011 (for Newgrounds Game Jam 3)
Game links: Newgrounds

Game description: Raise monkeys in labs to cure cancer!

Backstory and fun facts: Coming off of the high of Newgrounds’ second game jam, which produced Mechanical Ice Apocalypse, me and a friend from college (Smakdabunny, who did the art) teamed up to jam for a weekend. The game jam saw the two of us working together for 72 hours (including Friday, which was actually a school day for us) to create a game. Everyone had a randomly generated theme, ours was ‘Cities Studying Tiny Monkeys’.
Unfortunately, the game wasn’t up to snuff at the end of that period. I remember on my end I was trying to use AS3 classes for what might have been the first time, which contributed to stuff not getting done. The result works initially, but there are obvious issues. Future development plans involved an integrated story (you had some resistance in the form of a ‘free the monkeys’ movement) and general fixes, which never panned out.