Type: Game
Tech: Flash AS3
Release date: December 31, 2010 (NG Game Jam 2)
Game links: Newgrounds

Game description: Take down a massive enemy vehicle from your battle helicopter to avert the Mechanical Ice Apocalypse!

Backstory and fun facts: For NG Game Jam 2, I was paired with 3 people from across the internet to make a game in 72 hours with the theme ‘A World Frozen Over’. Two of those people, unfortunately, were no shows. The other person was a graphic artist, 3D-xelu (who has since gone on to produce graphics for Move or Die, a highly rated multiplayer game available on Steam).
The game was a huge success. The jam was judged by Edmund McMillen of Super Meat Boy (and later The Binding of Isaac) fame, and MIA achieved 5th place, but in terms of user ratings, it was a fan favorite, achieving the second highest user rating of the jam games.
After the jam, we added in an easy mode, and also NG leaderboards and achievements.