Type: Game
Tech: Flash AS3
Release date: January 29, 2011 (Global Game Jam 2011)
Game links: Download from GGJ Archive (includes source)

Game description: King Triton is angry that his daughter Ariel went on land. In a fit of rage, he summons the Kraken to eradicate all threats to his daughter. Control the Kraken and bring destruction upon everything!

Backstory and fun facts: The only in-person game jam I participated in (I later led next year’s jam location), this Jam brought several of the members of the OSU Game Creation Club together (among others) to create a game in 48 hours under the theme “Extinction”.
The game was extremely unpolished, and one of the contributing factors was a lack of a shared vision for the game – too many cooks in the kitchen, if you will – and nobody was a clear leader for the project.
In terms of what I did, I was a programmer, and also with the help of Optyx, the sound designer, became the voice actor for the game. Never again 🙂