Part 4 of my 40 before 40 list, begun here.

16. Achieve a ‘labor of love’

Initially, I made this goal to focus on making a game only. Between 2009-2013, making games was my hobby when Flash was still holding on to life. I have catalogued many of them already, and others will come soon. But wouldn’t it be grand to do that again? Especially with a lot more know-how?

I have generalized this goal to include such things as, say, writing a book, designing a program that I can potentially sell, starting a business, etc. The point is it’s not the sort of thing that can be done overnight.

17. Cook one new recipe a month

I dislike cooking. I don’t hate food, of course, but my general lack of experience seems to make accomplishing a recipe take three times as long as promised, to varying results. The aim here is to improve that. Something I haven’t tried before, every month. This month was a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. Yum! Of course, this doesn’t mean I only cook once a month…

18. ‘Master’ one dinner entree (take an entree recipe and tweak it to a point where it really couldn’t get much better)

In other words, ‘adopt a specialty dish’. Now, there are some other cooking goals with specific foods on this list. This has to be different. And it needs to be at least somewhat different from any printed recipe I derive it from.

19. Make croissants

This is my wife’s favorite breakfast item (at least non-Filipino item). And I myself enjoy a good croissant. I’ve made plain bread (both white and wheat) before and have had it turn out pretty darn good, it tastes like the bread they give out at some of the more formal restaurants! Of course, this doesn’t qualify for the mastered dinner entree goal because it’s breakfast.

20. Road trip! At least 5 states.

I have never taken a true road trip before, and it appeals to me. I just need to figure out where. Adhering to ‘#9, visit every state for touring’, though, every state should have one full day (or equivalent of a full day) spent seeing the sights.

21-25 coming soon!