Part 7 of my 40 before 40 list, begun here.

31. Private

Yeah… there is one goal on this list that I am not going to publicly reveal for a few reasons, one of which being it could adversely affect the achievement of this goal. But it is documented.

So there.

32. Get rid of belly fat

…with this one simple trick that doctors absolutely hate! Really though, I’m actually a tad underweight, but my belly fat overcompensates for my fairly skeletal structure. Those cheesy fries I had tonight probably don’t help.

33. Go camping with just my wife (and kids, if old enough)

I’ve been well-versed in camping, being an Eagle Scout. I’d like to take my wife (who was herself a girl scout) on a camping trip. And our older kids as well, if they’ll be, say, at least 5 or so.

34. Weeklong retreat.

No phones. No big cities. Just me, somewhere picturesque, my wife, and God. This may end up being the same trip as #33, but I wasn’t thinking about that one with this. I envision this being perhaps an anniversary trip or something. Like a couples retreat where we just spend time together.

35. Complete a ninja course

Ever seen American Ninja Warrior? Late last year, a new gym with ninja courses like the ones seem on that show opened up in the city, so it’ll be fun to go and test my mettle. I already have machinations in the works for a 30th birthday event, assuming things return back to normal by then after the Coronavirus.