36. Mentor two people in Christianity.

My wife and kids don’t count for this one. I’ve already formally mentored one person in Christianity (informally I’d add one more to the count), and with my church’s focus on tight-knit community and growth, further progress here seems likely. This can consist of either delving into specific topics with someone who is already a Christian, or giving a non-Christian an understanding of the essentials.

37. Make $15,000 in side jobs

Aside from a full-time job, I’d like to earn some extra income in other ways. My goal is $15,000 dollars from side jobs.

38. Contribute to an open-source project 10 times.

Contributing to open source programming projects is a good way to earn experience in the programming world, and you get to help out with programs others use. This goal is to contribute meaningfully to such projects ten times. It could be ten times in one project, or ten different ones. But each needs to solve an issue, add something new, or serve some other purpose.

39. Have my wife achieve x goals from her 40 before 40 list

Of course, I’m not the only one with a 40 before 40 list. I want my wife to make good progress on hers too. That list is not complete yet, so the exact number is still to be determined (as much as I’d like to be wrong, I don’t seriously expect to get every single goal in my own list before 40), but generally speaking this goal’s purpose is to help her give her list as much effort as I expect to give to mine.

40. Meet a person (or a couple, as couples) each month.

This shall also remain private for the same reasons as #31. Again, it is documented so I can keep myself honest.