Type: Game
Tech: C# XNA 4.0
Release date: October 13th, 2011
Not available for download – sorry!

Description: Based on a classic Flash game, sketch|Copter involves you using just one button to make your helicopter rise and fall to avoid obstacles. The space to maneuver decreases ever so subtly with time, so it’s a matter of staying alive as long as you can! Gamepad supported.

Backstory and fun facts: This game was created as a result of research for XNA for OSU’s Game Creation Club, which I was president of at the time. XNA was Microsoft’s game development toolset for Xbox 360 and Windows, but was discontinued back in 2013. So this game runs on Windows, and also thanks to XNA, I included gamepad support too (the game just uses one button, but you also get some rumble action!). This game was adapted from XNA’s horizontal shooter game tutorial.

I downloaded the published game and cannot get it to run, and do not have access to the source files to adjust them. So… I have this here more for completeness than anything.