Well, I did a few things I have not done before today.

I went to an anime convention – Ohayocon. Wanting to get the ‘full experience’ because I’ve spent college jumping in and subsequently rushing back out of anime fandom before (because, you know, no offense to the anime club here at OSU, but starting meetings off with Today In Class 5-2 didn’t really do it for me), I also cosplayed.

I spent the past two days gathering up materials for a Professor Layton cosplay, something I’ve wanted to do since Halloween two years ago, just because. I traveled over town scouring different clothing stores for the different parts of the costume. For cosplaying reference, I got the polo undershirt and pants from GAP (both on sale), the shoes from Target, the overcoat from Macy’s (also on sale, but expensive enough to ensure I don’t get any birthday presents this year :P), and I made the hat on my own from felt and rolls of cork from Joann Fabrics. Pictures of the final result later.

The hat, obviously, proved to be a bit of trouble, mainly because I was trying to finish that up as fast as I could. Glue proved nearly useless – it just kinda soaked into the felt. I used masking tape instead to tape everything together. It’s very lucky the hat is still standing. I plan to fix it up before I go out tomorrow.

I traveled with a friend, who remarked that she felt like Professor Layton’s apprentice Luke, to the convention (who actually would have stayed home and wasted their paid admission if I hadn’t offered them to come with me :P), but quickly split up because I had to go to the back of the two-hour long line of naughty people who hadn’t paid yet.

During that two-hour period, I met Professor Layton’s arch-rival, Jean Descole, which meant only one thing – PHOTO OP!

484775_4764754771268_430959241_nThe dashing Descole

734324_4763996752318_921366865_nLayton and Descole – eternal nemesises! Layton, of course, is me.

I got in the con at roughly 7:45 PM. Which was late. Not seeing any panels that interested me, I headed to the dealer’s den and artist alley. Both were scheduled to close at 8 PM, but I got a quick look around. One thing that I noticed was the person who voices GIR from Invader Zim was autographing pictures of GIR in Artist Alley. I definitely will not let the weekend pass without buying something, but there wasn’t really any time today.

428032_4764758491361_1425243083_nDealers’s Den as seen from Artist’s Alley

Afterwards, I had a MIGHTY NEED (Invader Zim reference, see what I did there?) for dinner, so I just went for it… and, well, then I left, wanting to get up early for tomorrow – there’s two more days left!

On the way out, a girl noticed me and wanted to get a picture of my cosplaying. She had to fiddle around with the batteries of her camera (somehow they were ejected?) before she could do that. She got it wrong a couple of times (somehow), so I offered her a hint coin. She didn’t take it 😛

10:00 AM: ‘Gotta Catch ’em All! Impact of Pokemon’ (write article for Buckeye Pokemon League)
11:00 AM: ‘Robots, Romance, and Reffing: Eureka 7’
1:00 PM: ‘How NOT to start a game company’ (write article for Game Creation Club)
2:00 PM: ‘Invader Zim with Rikki Simons and Richard Horvitz’
3:00 PM: ‘Top Hats, Tea, and Puzzles’ (Professor Layton I guess, so it’s a must :P)
4:00 PM: ‘You Make the Game’ (I have no idea what this is about, actually)
5:00 PM: ‘Writing Beyond Fanfiction’
11:00 PM: ‘The Settings of Assassin’s Creed’ (Unlikely I’ll stay this long, but you never know)

(Note: It’s not actually likely that I’ll make all of these. We’ll see…)

Investigate Dealers Den further.

Snake cosplay in a cardboard box with mandatory exclamation point popping out at random intervals.
The Ohayocon panel ‘Science in Kingdom Hearts’ on Sunday to be canceled because there is no science, or even reason, in that series.

Also, I am livetweeting from the con (kinda) from my Twitter. You know, FYI.