Busy last couple of weeks… transitioning to a new house for the summer, amping up how much I work, and in general trying not to drive myself too crazy. Some might say I failed at that long ago.

First up, there was a new game released a couple weeks ago. Nothing special, it’s just a 3D maze game. It is notable, however, that it is my first released 3D game. I made something more advanced than it for a class, but I think I’d rather polish it up first before I release it. If I release it. Which I probably won’t.

Anyway: http://www.brianorchosky.com/games/Maze/mazegame.html

Jack’s Run is still in my thoughts. I spent some time over the weekend making the collision detection a bit simpler to go through and read. It fixed some problems, but now I’m facing some others.

I made another Space Jam mash-up keeping the meme from the previous blog post alive, this time combining the song with Backside Of The TV from Persona 4. I love that track so.

I’ve been playing Persona and the SMT series in general a lot lately, and made a few comics from it. Watch Twitter if you want to see them as they come, otherwise just look for an eventual compilation blog post after I’ve finished the game and did everything I wanted to do comic-wise with it. Which will probably take a while, or be split up.

Oh, and I left Facebook. I originally planned on doing a blog post about that… but meh. I’ve just been growing dissatisfied with it, how much time I spend on it, how important it’s become to our society in general, and a couple other things that you’re probably not interested in reading. So there.