Type: Game
Tech: Flash AS2
Release date: August 2, 2010 (original), September 4, 2010 (1.1)
Game links: Newgrounds (original), Newgrounds (1.1), Mac download, PC download
Full audio playlist: Newgrounds

Game description: Days before the story begins, Terra Machina, a dark organization with a deathgrip on the world, suddenly fell. Nobody knows why.
Nor are you able to even recall your name, or where you came from…

Backstory and fun facts: This is my largest self-led game, and also the first game I began creating. And wow, it’s almost 10 years old now. I had some Flash experience, and having joined the college game development club, opened it up and tried to create a proof-of-concept text based RPG. It grew from there to take pretty much all my freshman year of college to develop. A classmate at the time did character art, and a kind soul on Newgrounds also offered to help with a custom-made town and battle themes. I actually made about a quarter of the music used.
A single playthrough can take an hour or more, especially if you read through everything. There are four chapters in the main game, and you can supplement that with diversions like casino games, ping-pong, a crappy relationship system, multiple endings, extensive end-game sidequests, and more!